Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gift Boxes

You know when people say - "the gift wrapper looks better than the gift", I guess its for me!! I love gift wrapping, so even a teeny weeny gift will have a fancy wrapping. For Sankranti, I made these gift boxes to put a packet of "yellu bella" (a mixture of sesame seeds+jaggery) and gave it to my friends. I used this tutorial from to make them. Also check out their video on youtube. You can make these boxes in different sizes, to put candies for halloween or to put some small gifts.
I used a regular letter size card sheet. I also used a scoreboard, its not necessary to have one. You can just mark them with the same measurements and fold them accordingly. I also used a mango shaped or paisley wooden stamp that I got it from India. Oh! I love those stamps. I bought them from a street vendor near Bull temple in Bangalore (I know, I just had to mention this! nostalgic!). They work best with fabric colors, I used a regular ink pad, it did not work that great. But its ok, now that the boxes are gone! :)

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