Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vajrasana or Thunderbolt pose

Vajrasana is a simple sitting posture for meditation. This enables us to sit comfortably for a long period of time with erect spine.
  • effective asana to relieve knee pain
  • relieves pain in the heels
  • helps moderate arthritis 
  • improves digestion and releases gas
  • reduces swelling of legs during pregnancy
  • useful incase of varicose veins
  • mobilizes stiff ankle and knees 
1. Start with sama sthiti
2. Slowly bend the right leg and secure the heel under the buttock
3. Bend the left leg and tuck it under the left buttock 
4. Keep the knees close to each other 
5. Keep the spine and buttock in a vertical line
6. Rest the palms on the thighs or cover knees
7. Keep the breathing normal and meditate
8. Return to sama sthiti

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